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Carpenter Ants Portland OR

As the weather warms up in the Portland, OR area, we are sure to start seeing Carpenter Ants again.  There are a lot of companies that offer the service of Carpenter Ant control and removal in Portland, and as you might expect, a lot of different opinions on how the service is performed.

The way I was trained to do Carpenter Ant jobs and the way I do them today are very different. I use far fewer chemicals, I never drill holes in siding, and I use very little-almost no insecticides in the living spaces of your home or office.

The way I was trained consisted of using a ton of chemicals under, over, and inside the house. The companies always provided a 12-month warranty, but required a 12-month contract after the initial service to “maintain the warranty.”  This confused me as a technician.  If we did the job correctly, why must we continue a monthly or quarterly service, why don’t we just stand by the warranty? Whenever I do a Carpenter Ant job, I ask all my clients the same question, “When was the last time you had a Carpenter Ant treatment performed on this house?”  The answers don’t range very much. Most say they don’t remember the last time, or, not since we moved into the house.  If they do remember, the average is “about ten years ago.”

When I started my own pest control business, I offered a very competitively-priced treatment with the same 12-month warranty as the other guys, but I stood by the warranty and never required a 12-month contract. And yes, I had to go back and do a few retreats.  Three years later, and I do that same competitively-priced treatment but now carry a 36-month warranty.

Why? Because I hate salespeople who lie just to make a buck. You don’t need to “maintain the warranty” if you’ve effectively killed the Carpenter Ant queen. It’s just a way to get another $400 or more out of your wallet.  And none of the hundreds of people I’ve asked that question to ever had a Carpenter Ant treatment in fewer than 7 years at the same house.

I like to keep it real simple, so I have four basic prices for my treatments for small, medium, large, and extra-large houses.  $275, $300, $350, and $425 respectively. If you want a regular service after the initial service, I’m happy to provide that, but I won’t ever require it. If you have Carpenter Ants in the Portland area, please give Exodus Pest Control a call today. (503) 575-0500