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Bird Removal

If you hear a rustling around up in attic, or the tweeting is louder than you remember from previous years, or if you have a mess of bird droppings cascading down the side of your house, call Exodus Pest Control today for a free estimate. We’ll do the dirty work for you.

What can Exodus Pest Control do for you? First of all, we take great care not to harm the birds or eggs. A successful bird job consists of three steps: Exclusion of all possible entry points, cleaning the feces from siding and eaves, and disinfecting the nesting site thoroughly. In most cases, the pitch of the roof makes it impossible to access the attic at the point where birds make their nests, so removal of the nest is usually not done, but we like to use a small amount if insecticide to kill parasites and insects that are associated with birds’ nests.